7 Must haves at your children’s birthday party

Planning a birthday party for your child can be a bit of a task if you are not well versed in that department so we decided to help you of with 5 top must do’s at your child B-Day Bash!

  • Make sure to bring in the kids, so pre planning is number one in our list, you want your child to feel loved and cared for by ensuring you have lots of family, friends, school class group is on our top part, as well as having a chance to invite the kids around the neighborhood if they haven’t met this is an ideal place to do it. Invitations are the number one in our list as they more you give out the better.
  • Snacks and drinks for kids, it can be something simple such as ordering pizza and soda or even getting it from your local food market and using your oven, if you want to add more food is up to you but is not necessary, however something for the kids to munch on is a must as they will did get hungry after playing.
  • Entertainment could have been number one in our list but we wanted to make sure there is at least a small crowd, then you can hire kids party entertainers & write on your invitation it gives more of a reason for the parents to bring their kids, adding the phrase “Mama Mia Magic show at 4 pm, “helps bring in more guests, now with that said here you have a chance to leave a life time memory specially for your child, his or her friends, neighbors and your family. Whether it’s an amazing kids comedy magician, a super fun clown that can do dancing games and more, maybe a cool game master, a superhero or princess character, a face painter or balloon artist or any other form of entertainment that comes to your mind. Make sure this comes along. Trust me years down the road you will look back at this pictures and remember what a great day it was.
  • Music is definitely our top 4, you will be surprised how many kids birthday parties I have been to where there is absolutely no music, it makes it boring and dull. Make sure you add happy music such as top songs currently on the top radio stations. Remember there are kids in the party so you don’t want to add any songs with bad lyrics if it’s a song popular with the kids and may a bad word look for the clean version.
  • Decorations are not a must but they help set the environment, you can go to your local party supply store and get lots of different color balloons, have them inflate them with helium so they stay up, make sure you do this on the morning of the party as getting them before may be a waste of helium since they usually last one to one and a half days. While at the store pick up some happy birthday banners, some birthday plates as well as birthday theme table cloths. You can always hire a professional decorator if you want to skip this step.
  • Chairs and table(s) are an item that sometimes is forgotten, you don’t want to have all the kids parents standing or with no place to seat, if you have enough of them in your place good, if not you can always rent some tables and chairs at very low costs, chair rental average price is $1.25 per chair and tables cost around $6, remember you don’t need much just some add ons to the furniture you already have. This will ensure a comfortable environment as well as a better setting for your party.
  • Birthday cake is our last item, even though we know most people would not forget this, you cannot have a birthday party without a cake to sign happy birthday to, the cake can be home made, you may even let your child help do some of the decorations on it, if no ideas just Google some simple birthday cay decorations ideas. Make sure to have the candles.

Overall, these were the important considerations that can make your kid’s birthday party amazing. Moreover, you can gift your kid a magician party entertainment with Mama Mia Magic show in Florida.

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